The innovated new securities lending program called as stock loan is a non-resource type of loan against the shares of the non-marginable securities. The amount of loan is contingent on the characteristics of collateralized security which include volatility, number of shares, price and so on. You just need to transfer your stock to your lender and agree to give a quarterly interest payment during the life of your chosen loan, and in return, they will give you a loan against the value of the stock. The moment you have fully paid your stock loan, your stock will be given back to you. all of the stock loans keep on giving clients an entirely safe and confidential access to the main value of their securities even if they can’t be sold. For individuals who necessitate an access to capital right away when they can’t sell their stock, stock loan is the best choice.

Who is qualified? 
Typical loan amounts – anyone who has a non marginable funds in DWAC or certificate form that trades on OTC, NASDAQ, NYSE and other markets are qualified to this kind of loan. They can fund stock loans from 50000 US dollars to 5 millions US dollars and without any upfront fees.

Benefits of a stock loan

Non-Recourse – the stock loans will provide you the suppleness of being able to walk away from your loan anytime you want without causing damages to your credit rating or the need to bring in extra cash or collateral like you do with the customary margin loans. There is no personal guarantee needed for the stock loans.

No credit report needed – they are the direct lenders and the only required collateral is your stock, as a result, credit check is not needed.  The loan packages are underwritten in in the house, as a result, you talk directly with the moneylender and acquire customized attention and service to details. Click this link for more details;

LTV or competitive loan to value ratio -  the LTV or loan to value they provide is contingent on the condition of the market, sector of the market, historical stock performance as well as expected future stock performance. The usual LTV ratio would range from 45 to 60 percent. 

Funding and fast closing – since the loan are underwritten in-house, we are able to get to closing right away as well as fund your loan within 2 days of closing. The funds will be wired right away to your bank account. Find out more about stock loan by clicking this link;
How Stock Loans Work